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About us

Satyajit Debnath is a Student, lives in West Bengal, India and is the Owner and Cheif Editor of KLResult.com . He is 26 years old. He has been working in the technology field from the last 7 years. He loves to discover new ideas in education and research. He is a fun loving person. He created this website as for the purpose helping people to get their Kerala lottery results. His main interests includes computer, internet, mobile, gaining knowledge etc.

about KLResult.com - Satyajit Debnath wants to share his ideas with the world and he does it with the creation of KLResult.com . The site www.klresult.com  provides latest news updates on Kerala lottery results collecting data from the official website Kerala Lotteries. You can stay updated with the site with the subscription feeds or via email subscription or via facebook or twitter.

Disclaimer:   All the information provided here on KLResult.com is correct to the best of our knowledge and belief. However I don't take any liability for the correctness of the information. The information provided here is indicative / might be indicative. Visitors need to check the correctness of the information from other sources or official websites. However I'm committed to provided quality and correct news as I see fit for the audience.